onsdag 12. desember 2018

Scraps II

By now, I'm not even worried. UE4 also has an autosave that I have no regret in keeping enabled.
Some other stuff.

Free fan model of Crash Bandicoot, includes everything (rig, textures, morph etc) Here

onsdag 29. juni 2016

Source Filmmaker stuff (wips and scraps)

offers great ways to explore animation and film making in 3D space.


Animatic for scrapped Saxxy Awards entry.


 Some fun with a remix.
Breakfast Machine by Danny Elfman
Heavy's Breakfast Machine remix by Nobuyukinyuu
Made with Source Filmmaker

mandag 4. januar 2016

B-Boy (wip)

Work in Progress of "B-Boy".
I started this before Crash's 20th anniversary, thinking I'd pick it back up in time. I started redoing the model again for testing Unreal Engine 4, and it can be downloaded here . This is an old post I dug back up.