onsdag 29. juni 2016

Source Filmmaker stuff (wips and scraps)

offers great ways to explore animation and film making in 3D space.


Animatic for scrapped Saxxy Awards entry.


 Some fun with a remix.
Breakfast Machine by Danny Elfman
Heavy's Breakfast Machine remix by Nobuyukinyuu
Made with Source Filmmaker

søndag 27. desember 2015

Parkour Escape v1 (2015)

Parkour Escape v1, a game concept of mine I had the pleasure of trying out with maybe the most amazing people at Deakin University 2015. The game had a short cinematic that was screened at Astor Theatre.

Motion Capture 2015 Deakin Motion Lab

Captured in Deakin's amazing Motion Lab. It's a mix of programs: Cortex, Maya, Motionbuilder, Unreal4. The captures are a real high fps, but these previews are 24/30fps.